About JPAC

JPAC is a peer reviewed journal covering the latest trends and developments in PAT, the applications, regulations, implementation, quality issues, research, and the emerging technologies; to attain the ultimate goal of PAT and QbD: to understand and control the manufacturing process.

JPAC seeks to address the needs of the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, hydrocarbon processing, and food industries. This encompasses healthcare, food safety & security, oil & gas, solution providers, government, academia, and other public or private institutions; and within those areas the concerns and challenges of Research & Development, Chemists, Engineers, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs.

JPAC also supports onsite sampling and portable (transportable) instrumentation challenges of real-time and highly sensitive measurements. (Field Analytical Technology and OnSite Analysis.)

JPAC publishes original research papers, tutorial articles, reviews, case studies and applications within the areas of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and overall Process Understanding and Control. This includes, but is not limited to Quality be Design (QbD) and other PAT tools such as multivariate techniques for design, data acquisition and analysis; process analyzers, process control tools; as well as continuous improvement and knowledge managemnt tools.

Overall, Process Analytial Technology is a system for designing, analyzing, and controlling manufacturing through timely measurements (during the processing) of critical quality and performance attributes of raw, in-process materials and processes with the goal of ensuring final product quality. The ultimate goal of PAT: to understand and control this manufacturing process.

Suggested topics may include, but are not limited to: BioProcessing & BioTechnology, Business Aspects of QbD/PAT, Chemometrics, Chromatography, Continuous Processes, Data Handling and Communications, Food Safety & Analysis, Green Processing, Imaging, International Harmonization - ICH, Quality by Design - QbD, Method Robustness, Microinstrumentation, Micro-Reactors, Multivariate Analysis, NeSSI, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Process Analytical Technology - PAT, Process Control, Process Monitoring, Process Optimization & Harmonization, Real-Time Release, Regulatory & Compliance, Separations, and Spectroscopy.

JPAC was developed as an extension of the IFPAC Annual event as a resource for cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and lessons learned to overcome the challenges scientists are faced with in today's market and climate. JPAC also serves as a respected avenue for R&D, chemists, engineers, regulatory affairs... and students to share their expertise and findings with the scientific community.

Quality - Today's companies must strive to produce more efficiently, compete in global markets, and deal with burgeoning financial exposures. Greater expectations have been placed on regulatory oversight and industry has had to adjust their processes to ensure higher standards of quality. Trends are shifting towards continuous quality assurance or the ability to predict performance. Obtaining quicker, more accurate results through tools such as real-time release, method robustness, continuous manufacturing, hand-held instrumentation, or wireless technologies are becoming critical for effective monitoring and control.

The Economy - Today's economic climate has increased the need to consider a cost/benefit or risk analysis to demonstrate the potential return on an investment. Therefore, there is a greater need for the scientific community to have an understanding of the supply chain and the process to justify a new technology or paradigm shift in manufacturing. The business aspects of doing PAT and QbD will become a critical component of decision making in the future.

The Environment - There is also increased attention towards the environment and areas such as green chemistry, bio-pharmaceuticals, and bio-fuels.

Keeping things Current - Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing are critical components of an effective U.S. health care system. Food Quality related to chemical & microbiological concerns has also become a dynamic force in today's society impacting the scientific community. Because of these factors...QbD - Quality by Design and PAT - Process Analytical Technology continue to increase in importance. JPAC is committed to bringing you the latest research, trends, and technology on these topics.

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Industry Editor: Walter Henslee, Ph.D.

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